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Guitar Generation

  1. Summer of Love

  2. Guitar Generation

  3. Bluesman

  4. Before the Night Falls

  5. Come and Gone

  6. God Knew What He Did

  7. Crying For You

  8. Rescue Me

  9. Who Loves My Soul

  10. Rock'n Roller

  11. I'd Rather Be A Gypsy

  12. People of The Book

Jet Airliner

  1. Jet Airliner (Miller/P.Pena)

  2. Guitar Generation (T.Rohm)

  3. I Can See Clearly Now (Jonny Nash)

  4. Blue Morning (T.Walk)

  5. Bluesman (T.Rohm)

  6. One After 909 (Lennon/McCartney)

  7. Wild Horses (Jagger/Richards)

  8. Beatles Medley (Lennon/McCartney)

  9. Help/I've Just Seen a Face/Hard days Night

  10. The Last TIme (Jagger/Richards)

  11. Ruby Tuesday (Jagger/Richards)

  12. Change the World (T.Walk)

  13. Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton)

  14. Light my Fire (Doors)

  15. The Weight (Robbie Robertson)

Poetry and Rhythm

  1. Drifting (Dan Hicks)

  2. Follow (T.Rohm)

  3. Lovelight (Simon Rugely)

  4. Matters of the Heart (T.Rohm)

  5. Love is a Great Thing (T.Rohm)

  6. Shower the People (James Taylor)

  7. Sail Away (Van Dyke Parks)

  8. Highway (T.Rohm)

  9. My Chello (Dan Hicks)

  10. My Oh My (David Gray)

  11. Gypsy Woman (T.Rohm)

  12. Come and Gone (T.Rohm)

Tom Rohm sings LoveSongs

  1. The long and winding road (Lennon/McCartney)

  2. Julia (Lennon/McCartney)

  3. The power of love (Huey Lewis)

  4. Something so right (Paul Simon)

  5. Time in a bottle (Jim Croce)

  6. If (David Gates)

  7. The lights of Lousiane

  8. (Jennifer Warnes,Rob Muerer& Nancy Bacal)

  9. All I want (Joni Mitchell)

  10. Your song (Elton John)

  11. Nature Boy (E. Abhez/Nat King Cole)

  12. Was a sunny day (Paul Simon) - bonus track

A Summernight in Schloss Freiberg

  1. Sail on Sailor (Beach Boys)

  2. I'm a Rock n' Roller (T.Rohm)

  3. Oh Well (Peter Green)

  4. Highway (T.Rohm)

  5. Train (Hans Penzoldt)

  6. Come Together (Lennon/McCartney)

  7. Bluesman (T.Rohm)

  8. Rescue Me (T.Rohm)

  9. Greetings & Thanks

  10. God Bless the Child (Herzog/Holliday)

  11. Walking in Memphis (Marc Cohn)

  12. 20 Flight Rock (Eddie Cockrain)

  13. Matters of the Heart (T.Rohm)

  14. Gypsy Woman (T.Rohm)

  15. Room to Move (J.Mayall)

  16. Will Not Fear (Simon Rugely)

  17. Ain't No Sunshine (B.Withers)

TomRohm & Band Demo

  1. Jet Airliner (St. Miller)All following tracks are recorded ABSOLUTE 100% LIVE:

  2. ORF Radio Steiermark RadioKultur Sommer 2004

  3. Bluesman (T.Rohm)1st part acoustic Radio Steiermark, 2nd part Band ASZ Klagenfurt 2004

  4. Drifting (Dan Hicks)“NotJustSundays” StradenSpektakel 2004

  5. Follow You (T.Rohm)“NotJustSundays” StradenSpektakel 2004

  6. Rockn’Roller (T.Rohm) bandstand ASZ Klagenfurt 2004

  7. Sunshine of your Love (Cream)bandstand ASZ Klagenfurt 2004

  8. JumpingJack Flash (Richards/Jagger) acoustic Radio Steiermark

  9. WildHorses (Richards/Jagger)acoustic Radio Steiermark

  10. The Weight (theBand)acoustic Radio Steiermark

  11. Rockn’Roller (T.Rohm)MaPeRo Double Inn Klagenfurt 2000

  12. Going down slow (St.LouisJimmy)bandstand ASZ Klagenfurt 2000

2007 studio and live recordings

  1. Beep-beep (T.Rohm)

  2. Intense (T.Rohm)

  3. Mover (T.Rohm)

  4. Birdsong (T.Rohm)

  5. Strange World (T.Rohm)

  6. Wart auf Dich (T.Rohm)

  7. Desolation Road (B.Dylan)

  8. ORF Steiermark with "Not Just Sundays"

  9. Shadowman (T.Rohm)

  10. ORF Steiermark with "Not Just Sundays"

  11. Matters of the Heart (T.Rohm)

  12. ORF Steiermark with "Not Just Sundays"

  13. Old Habits are hard to break (J.Hiatt)

  14. ORF Steiermark with "Not Just Sundays"

  15. Strange World (T.Rohm)

  16. ORF Steiermark with "Not Just Sundays"

  17. Via Chicago (Wilco)

  18. ORF Steiermark with "Not Just Sundays"

  19. Sail on Sailor (Van Dyke Parks/ Brian Wilson)

  20. ORF Steiermark with "Not Just Sundays"

Live at Burgfest 2006

  1. Things have changed (Bob Dylan)

  2. The One after 909 (Lennon/McCartney)

  3. I shot the sheriff (Bob Marley)

  4. Jet Airliner (Steve Miller)

  5. Beatles Medley (Lennon/McCartney)

  6. Light my Fire (The Doors)

  7. Room to move (John Mayall)

  8. Rock 'n Roller (Tom Rohm)

  9. The Weight (Robbie Robertson)

  10. Sunshine of your Love (Clapton/Bruce/Baker)

  11. Train (Hans Penzoldt)

  12. Folsom Prison Blues (Jonny Cash)

  13. That`s alright (Arthur Crudup)

  14. Willy and the Handjive/Oye como va (Jonny Otis)/(Santana)

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