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Mindelo Cap Verde 30/12/16

A boat traveler needs time. Time does not fly. It is us, running after time. When you are sitting in the harbor and you wait for a boat to take you across this vast body of water you learn how to wait. I have been here now for 2 weeks. First the winds were so strong, no boat would leave, no boat would come ; when the first boats left, they left without me. I had to just let go, not allowing myself to be sad or disappointed. Then a constant mist of desert sand covered the islands. No visibility. You could not even see the island of San Anteao, just across the bay. The mist, the emptiness of the harbor, the slow pace of this harbor town Mindelo with it's colorful people in seasonal spirit, all that fills you with a sensation of a "stranded" on some island in the big Atlantic. You are aware of what lies beyond there. And you are waiting for the right boat, without rush without pressure enjoying all these sensations & impressions and the daily meetings with new found friends and fellow travelers all set out to travel a way where nothing can be predicted and where time is just passing one day at a time.

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