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Atlantic Crossing!

I did the Atlantic crossing!

20 days after my landing in Cap Verde, @ 40 minutes after midnight & the beginning of the year 2017, I found my boat! My days in Mindelo have been testing my faith & patience, but they were filled, playing some gigs downtown, getting to know local musicians, hanging out daily at " Floating Bar" in the marina, playing some gigs there, having great company with new found friend Philippe, who lived 17 years on the boat in the sea with his family..., spending Christmas with the crew of "Echo" boat-hitchhikers like me, I was busy after all.

I sailed the Atlantic with 3 French gentlemen who gave me great hospitality, I played some music for them, usually for the daily French Aperitif the " Pastis": " un voyage à la française " !

Atlantic: fascination of the wide open sea & sky all blue in blue! Slow moving days from sunrise to sundown - star filled skies & a full moon spreading its silver carpet over the moving sea! Days and nights a constant adventure, moving by the power of the wind. My dream came true!

I landed on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, getting a feel for the slow moving rhythms of the lives of these friendly islanders. My boat will drop me @ Mustique island, where I will meet my old friend Pinky from Austria, then I will tackle the next big step of my voyage, heading down the South American continent to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina!

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